One of the priorities in our development is implementation of modern digital technologies.

By automating business processes, we optimize our work, maintain high level of safety, reduce the cost of services and ensure full transparency in customer relationships.

Vehicle equipment
Dispatch system
Apps for mobile devices
Electronic document management
Possibility to optimize routes and amount of equipment used
Possibility for the customer to control vehicle movement
Detection and prevention of fuel and lubricants theft
Possibility to analyze causes of accidents and develop measures for preventing accidents in the future
Accident prevention
Avoidance of unauthorized access to the bus
Identification and analysis of controverse situations inside and outside the vehicle
Possibility to analyze quality of driving by drivers
Reduces the time to fill out waybills
Reduces the possibility of errors in the execution of the waybills
Simplifies the process of customer acceptance of work performed
Keeps information in a single system
Reduces medical examination duration
Stores information in a single electronic medical record of the driver
Eliminates human factor and the possibility for collusion
Optimizes cost of routine daily medical examinations before and after trips
Simplification of the vehicle ordering process
Increased intensity of vehicle usage
Transport services cost reduction
Automated control of the customer's employees authority
Possibility for the customer to control vehicle movement
Possibility of notification about bus location
Cost savings on paper media and delivery services
Saving time on document approval and signing
Reliable information storage
Prevention of data duplication
Periodic tracking of up-to-date information
Daily access to reporting
Saving resources for accounting audits